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Introducing All The Time We Have Podcast. Where three geeks try to talk about the latest geek news, science, technology, and everything else that makes us happy. As long as we can talk about it all before the time runs out. Subscribe, rate, and follow us.


Jonathan Bacon-Liu


Jonathan is not as tall as Kevin, nor is he as smart as Ron.  He's not as much of a Star Wars fan as Kevin, and doesn't write comic books.  Basically, he's the "Mario" of this podcast.  During the day, Jonathan is a mild mannered mid-level manager, but at night, he loves to watch movies, play board games, and spend time with his wife and son.  One day, he will introduce his son to nerd culture and is excited to have lightsaber duels with him.  You may remember Jon from such memorable classic hits as the lifetime movie "Run Jon Run" or the HBO series "Throne of Jon: A Bathroom Epic".  


Kevin Flessing

Kevin is not sure if it has come up before on the show, but he is a big Star Wars fan. Here is where he stands on the important issues: PC over Mac, iPhone over Android; DC over Marvel in the comics, Marvel over DC in the Movies; Fire-Types over other starter Pokemon, and Pokemon over starting forest fires. Vote for Kevin to cut taxes for your income bracket while raising them on everyone else's, implement the four-day work week, and convince Principal Strickland to finally allow two pizza days in the school cafeteria.


Dr Ronald L Coleman

“Dr Ronnie C” or Ron as he is sometimes known is that clichéd combination of molecular geneticist and comic book writer. After receiving a PhD for his work in the Center for Regenerative Medicine at The Scripps Research Institute he has taken distinguished roles such as head writer for the epic “Kevin the Drunk Jedi” comic book.  With the help of his beautiful, brilliant and understanding wife Maya and his cuter than should be legal dog, Buddy, he struggles through the weather of his costal San Diego County home. His likes include nachos, sci-fi and video games. His dislikes include sand because it is coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.